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Renata Amaev
Healing in Heart by Renata

Spiritual therapeutic healing through yoga, meditation, and the expressive arts...

Renata Amaev is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, with training in the therapeutic arts.

orn in the Ukraine in 1965, and raised in Israel, Renata lives with her family in Richmond Hill.  She is descended from generations of healers and Rabbis.

Join Renata on a spiritual journey to self-awareness, mindfulness, creativity, and compassion.

Learn how to tap into your personal current of energy, realizing that this energy is the flow of life itself.

Renata will guide you to transform this energy into the strength to express yourself and discover your true nature in all its wondrous beauty.

Learn to listen to the voice of your heart, calling you to live with your deepest purpose and manifest your best and bravest dreams.

In Renata's workshops and classes, private or group, you will be invited to discover the "true north"of your life's flawless compass.

In a safe and healing space, Renata will help you to open your heart and receive the vital energy of the universe.

Together with Renata, you will nurture your ability to stay steady, focused, and the midst of the chaos of our world today.

Develop your vision of possibility through yoga, meditation, and the expressive arts, as you help each other find the energy and resources to live the path of life with heart, and with the renewed courage to overcome fears and move beyond self-limiting beliefs.

Take the creative leap!
And fill your world with the magic of self-healing!

Healing in Heart
Workshops + private sessions:

Therapeutic arts
- in a safe environment, confront the dark chambers of your heart and witness your transformation...and see the light. 
Biography - an opportunity to search through your past and find the key to your destiny. 
Yoga - union of body, mind, and soul.  Relieve your body from stress, free your mind from worry and judgment, and set your spirit free.

Group Class : Tuesdays 12:30 PM
Join Us!  Call to reserve:
Renata: 416 568 7796

Zaneta Jelinkova 

Private Personal and Rehabilitation Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Zaneta’s fitness experience goes far beyond her 5 years as a CAN-FIT-PRO certified personal specialist in Toronto. She worked for fitness clubs in England and in her home country Slovakia.  Zaneta was also involved in a professional career as a volleyball player.

In 2006 after graduating from CDI College with Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Zaneta started to work in physiotherapy clinics assisting therapists with treatments of injuries.  This hands on experience has been invaluable for her personal training career where she is now able to apply her knowledge of therapeutic exercises when working with post rehab clients. Zaneta uses functional movement principles such as body posture, body mechanics and range of motion in her work out programs along with Pilates and Yoga principles as well as training techniques in core conditioning work-outs.

As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant Zaneta focuses on educating and leading clients toward healthier and balanced nutrition. Zaneta will be graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. One of her specialties is weight loss and muscle tone trainings.

Zaneta is always studying and interacting with other health professionals to broaden her knowledge and passion in the health and fitness industry.

Helping clients to establish a realistic goal and bringing them more in touch with their bodies through physical movement and balanced diet established Zaneta as one of the top fitness trainers.

Through her professional attitude, friendly and easy-going personality Zaneta is establishing productive and long-lasting connections with her clients.

Zaneta brings fitness equipment for clients who do not have a gym. Body Composition Testing using a BIA scale is offered for clients interested in weight and muscle mass monitoring.

Contact Zaneta for all your fitness and nutrition needs:  416 788 7053

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